Strawberry Pills

Fri 19 Jun 2020 | 20:40-20:55
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Strawberry Pills love to walk through unsolved, dark, romantic mysteries with their songs. The Athenian duo (Valisia Odell and Antonis Konstantaras) explore the full spectrum of the dark sound and create tracks inspired mainly by the 80’s minimal movement and post punk with a few electric and goth elements added.

“Murder to a Beat”, the group’s upcoming debut album, is heavily influenced by everyday life in the city of Athens, social issues and of course, the violent turns that love and romance can take. Their single “Verbal Suicide” has been greeted with positive reviews and got airplay in some of the country’s most well known radio stations (Best FM, Athens Voice Radio, En Lefko etc.) and many more underground shows around the globe.

As written by Europavox: “Valisia’s strong, instantly recognizable voice increases the hazy, narcotic feeling of the song while recreating images of late seventies and early eighties sounds”.

Strawberry Pills managed in 2019 to reach a wider audience and that gave the band the opportunity to perform gigs all over the country and opening slots next to some of the hottest names in the game (The KVB, Lena Platonos, Molchat Doma, The Soft Moon and more). Their onstage presence has been praised by the media and is considered one of their biggest attributes.


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