AMWs first international partners revealed



The “A.I.S.B.L. Fête Européenne de la Musique – I.N.P.O. European Music Day Association” – is an International non for profit organisation established in Brussels that aims to coordinate European organization producing or coordinating music day events.

It was created after the signature of the Budapest Charter that settled the common goals of the European organizers and coordinators representing the Ministries and the Departmental or Municipal authorities of the main European capitals that signed the common charter of the Fête Européenne de la Musique / European Music Day in 1995.

The Objectives of the European Music Day Association are to enhance artist creativity and mobility, to promote innovative methods supporting Vocational and Educational Training opportunities, in order to support the development of the European Music Sector


The International Sound Awards (ISA) promote innovative, smart and useful sound projects, products and services that contribute to the motto: Make The World Sound Better!

Sound and music play an eminent role in modern everyday life. With the increasing digitization, audio is experiencing an enormous boost. Noise and bad acoustics affect our health much more than we are aware of. More than ever we need to ask ourselves how we want to shape our acoustic environment.

The ISA connect and bring people from different industries together: Sound Designer, Musicians, Acousticians, Engineers, Creatives, Artists, Scientists, Product Developers, Innovators, Students, Music Industry, Start-Ups, Investors, Organizations, Practitioners, Advertising, Agencies, Branding Experts, Media, Journalists and further interested people. Being part of the Reeperbahn Festival, Europe’s largest club festival and B2B platform for the music and digital industry, the International Sound Awards offer industry professionals a programme that includes sessions, networking events, meetings, showcases, award shows and concerts with international up-and-coming artists.


Linecheck was born in 2015 and it’s a format inspired by international music platforms with the objective to unite the italian music industry and connect it to international markets.

In 2017, Linecheck has been the heartbeat of the first MILANO MUSIC WEEK, a widespread event promoted by the city of Milan, SIAE, Fimi with the biggest national music institution and private partners. An event created to involve a local vibrant music scene and to attract international audience, professionals and partners to Milan.


The gateway to the French Music Market: 3 days of concert and international meetings! With more than 6000 attending professionals, MaMA is the greatest French gathering of the music industry and one of the most important in the world.
By day, MaMA suggests a conference program featuring over 450 international speakers and 150 panels, keynotes, workshops, match-making sessions and cocktails for music industry actors.
In addition, a dedicated space to the integration of innovation in and for the music industry, also known as MaMA invent offers solutions for: Artist Factory, Live Music Factory and Label Factory. By night, with 150 concerts, MaMA transforms the Pigalle District into a giant urban
festival bringing together professionals and the Parisian public in 15 emblematic venues!

On October 16th, 17th and 18th 2019, MaMA Festival & Convention will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Paris.


MIL – Lisbon International Music Network is a festival and convention focused on spreading current music to new markets worldwide. Once again, Lisbon is the stage for this showcase festival which gathers dozens of industry agents from around the world.

As an exchange platform, MIL promotes an artistic program involving the city and combining discussions, masterclasses, meetings and concerts. Its main focus is introducing a diversity of Portuguese and international artists and projects linking the European, African and South American music markets all together.


Nouvelle Prague is a music conference and showcase festival held in Prague, Czech Republic, that besides focusing on providing a valuable conference and effective showcase also educates young professionals through workshops and other related activities. The event’s focus shifted throughout the years from a Czech and overseas showcase to a more regionally focused conference, plus a partly regional, partly overseas showcasing event. We are on a path to build a key event that are able to engage, and link both major international agencies, to the regional, and local music industry and pave the way for a blooming music sector Nouvelle Prague was founded and initiated by Rock for People Festival, one of the most remarkable annual Czech
summer festivals.

The event is a non-profit event, with the aim to link, educate, and facilitate cooperation between music professionals. The event closely cooperating with the stakeholders of the wider music sector, Pohoda festival, European Live Music Association, Eurosonic, Sziget Festival, Glastonbury, Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Since it started, Nouvelle Prague naturally shifted to be a more Czech- Slovkian music event than a local one, and we intend to continue that shift this year by focusing more on the Višegrad region.


Un-Convention is an innovative and highly acclaimed global music network, development agency and conference organiser. Through our events and projects, we bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. To date there have been 93 Un-Convention events around the world, involving thousands of musicians and speakers.

These events have taken place in a diverse range of contexts, from traditional music conferences in places such as São Paulo, Copenhagen, and Brisbane, to workshops in Nepal and Palestine. In addition, we have also collaborated with a number of other industry events, such as Primavera, Eurosonic and Radio 1 Academy to deliver workshops and panels. Un-Convention is based in Manchester, UK. Our events are delivered with the support of funders such as the Arts Council, PRS Foundation, The Musicians Union, Innovate UK, The British Council, and Local Government (and their international equivalents), as well as with sponsors, which to date have included the likes of Converse, Vodafone and Gibson.

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