JUMP 2020 Call for Applications: Looking for professionals with great ideas

Are you an experienced music professional developing an innovative idea, which could have an impact on the music industry? Do you feel you are missing the necessary tools, knowledge and networks to support its conception?
Then JUMP – the European Music Market Accelerator is for you!

Organised by a network of six acclaimed European Festival and Conventions (MaMA, Un-Convention, MIL, European Music Day, Nouvelle Prague and Linecheck), JUMP provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models. It aims to help the music sector adapt to the recent transformations of the market, while encouraging it to work on a transnational level. For nine months, you will have the opportunity to follow a unique programme during which you will:

  • Develop your idea, while benefiting from regular personalised advice from your tutor(a renowned expert)
  • Gain valuable knowledge about the music industry by attending Europe’s leading music festivals and conventions;
  • Strengthen your network and presentation skills by partaking to the JUMP activities
  • Exchange with and learn from your peer fellows from all over Europe and beyond
Additionaly you will have the chance to participate in the following Music Showcases, Festivals and Conferences:

JUMP activities & tools will enhance your adaptability to the market changes, your capacity to work transnationally, allow you to develop new practical skills as well as soft skills. You will develop a strong transnational network and a better knowledge of the mechanisms at play in order to enlarge your geographic outreach.


The aim is to have your idea ready to be presented to the music industry by the end of the programme!
Does this sound interesting to you?
Then find out more about the programme
and apply before Sunday 24th of November 2019, 24:00 CET!

MaMA Festival & Convention, Paris, 16-18 October 2019

3 days of concerts and international meetings

With more than 5.900 attending professionals, MaMA is the largest gathering of the music industry in France. By day, MaMA offers an intense program of panels, debates and workshops with 400 renowned speakers representing the whole music industry.

By night, MaMA transforms Pigalle into a gigantic urban festival and welcomes nearly 120 International and French artists! Confirmed or still growing, they will perform in front of the Parisian audience, medias and professionals in 10 emblematic venues of the district Pigalle-Montmartre.

Register now for the gateway to the French market!

First participants & panels released!

The 1st International Music Meeting of Athens will hosts distinguished artists and professionals from the music industry. Held from the 17th until the 23rd #AthensMusicWeek main objectives aims at connecting, networking and sharing know-how, in order to strengthen local scene, artists and professionals and also, to support the development of the Music sector throughout Europe.

For its first edition, the Athens Music Week will take place in more than 30 locations – music scenes, gardens, conservatories, cultural and public spaces – in the center of Athens, including panels, round tables, workshops, business meetings, showcase concerts, and entrance to all events, discussions and workshops will be free with the aim of acquainting the domestic market with international practices.

Through its 4 complementary sections – 1) Athens Music Convention, 2) Music Innovation Hub, 3 ) Music and the City, 4) Athens Music Walk#AMW2019 program will focus on thematic such as marketing, communication, promotion of artists abroad, event organization, music production, digital media and platforms, intellectual property management, discography, safety, booking, management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

First thematic and participant announcement:

Panel: Can Music move (all) Europe?

European Commissions’ Music Moves Europe (support of the European music sector) is already 2 years old. Who participates in the preparatory programme and why Greece and so many other EU countries are underrepresented? Is it the fault of our politicians or also the lack of professionals associations (e.g. of managers, venues, festivals or agents)? Should we start uniting at local level too? Where do we start?

Workshop: Rights-management and Monetization on YouTube | How to increase your revenues on YouTube

For right-holders, it is crucial to understand the basics, how the YouTube Content ID and rights-management works on the platform. This workshop shows the way how ads get placed on YouTube channels and videos eligible for monetization, sheds a light on music related assets, related claims and different policies. Also tips and tricks how right-holders can help their YouTube Partner Company/Aggregator, with the rights to manage music related content, to increase revenues and decrease various types of conflicts and issues regarding copyrights.

Meet and Greet: Faniak – The first AI band manager

Creating great songs, writing inspiring lyrics and playing good gigs is just the tip of the iceberg for music artists. To succeed, they need sales, marketing, PR and management….like any other business. The problem is that they don’t have the time or expertise to do it nor the money to pay for it. What artists really want is to strum their guitars, write more songs and see their work translate into earnings. Faniak solves that! Faniak is the first AI band manager that takes care of artists’ careers so they can have time to make great songs.

Workshop: Digital marketing in live music: ticketing and events             

From Polygram to Livenation and EMI Global Marketing to Ticketmaster, marketing is her life! Celia Carrillo Castillo will introduce live music consumer insight, event attendance behavior, strategy tools and services to sell music shows, always under the premise “Artists & Fans First”

Panel & Clinic: What is the link between western and eastern music genres and idioms             

Music traditions, regional cultures of the world have melt long ago creating new sounds, rhythms and music genres but also social trends and political evolution… How did they melt in the 21st century creating Jazz, Pop, RnB or Soul music? Stepping on musicology, stories and using Improvisation we will seek the link between music, musicians, instruments, technology and social standards and how they we can change them.

Meet & Greet: PerformΑnts

PerformAnts is a web platform that increases the mobility of musicians and the accessibility of venues by rationalizing the cost of live acts, simplifying communication processes and logistics. It focuses mainly on small and medium sized venues and artists or their managers, that have limited or no access to sponsorship or subsidies.

Panel: Festivals and events Manual for successful rioting!

Music festivals seems to flourish in Greece and all over the continent. Wherever they are already well established or new, targeting mainstream or niche public, events need to innovate in order to keep up with current trends. What is a successful festival? Simple question, that have as many answers as there are festival promoters. Renowned events representative will tackle some key topics such as branding, ticketing, communication or digital marketing.

Meet & Greet: Blockchain My Art

Blockchain My Art is a ramified platform and project, surrounding a unique creation: a blockchain-based payment solution, coupled with a set of digital complementary currencies, tailored for cultural events. These two are associated to a mechanism of transparent, immediate and fair redistribution system for all events’ products and tickets sales. Effectively in use since 2017, the solution takes the form of two mobile applications.

Workshop: The Rise of Video | How to make most out of YouTube

Video content is trending, consumption is rising. More and more actors are applying to this format in order to reach their goals, growing with their brands, reaching people with their products and services via content. If it is video, then you can’t miss YouTube out from your strategy. This workshop is customized to music industry actors, revealing the main advantages of the biggest video platform, previewing right techniques, best practices how to be optimally retrievable and recognizable as brand, how to present music industry related projects and start-ups on the biggest video platform, on the second biggest search engine. Giving an overview on creative content formats and strategy, cost-saving ways of content production, about the YouTube Partner Program, community development, rights management and monetization as well.

Panel: Music as a tool for local development

How can music be an innovative tool to support urban regeneration, heritage and social cohesion. What can music venues, spaces, events or festivals bring to cities and how does tourism and all the industry related benefit from events.

Meet & Greet: Butik

BUTìK will be the first consultancy and communication agency in Italy to work to develop music tourism in our country, with the goal to affect the economy of local communities. Our aim is to internationalize these events, creating synergies with Italian economic and cultural environment promoting not only the musical offer but also local culture, food and traditions to attract European music lovers.

Panel: Artists and bands Booking Maze! Lets open Pandora’s box!

How do Festivals and Showcases make their line-up balancing between famous, grass root & emerging artists? Why the connection is vital between bands, agents and artistic directors? What is the current state of booking business in Europe?

Meet & Greet: WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) 

WARM is the first large-scale radio monitoring service focused on individuals in the music industry. It has the world’s largest coverage spanning approximately 25.000 radio stations in 130 countries (FM, DAB, online). WARM allows anyone to track and monitor any song, in real-time. Until now, most artists, managers, labels, PR companies, booking agents, songwriters and producers have had no or very little insight into when or where their songs are played on radio stations. By using audio fingerprint technology, WARM is able to track any song played on the radio and match it to its database of 27 million songs, allowing the user to get insight into when and where an airplay occurs.

Workshop: Enrich UR Pitch | How to effectively pitch your business idea in the Music Industry
Want to strengthen your business portfolio and market recognition by playing to your unique strengths? Interested to put your entrepreneurship skills in action? Want to learn how to promote or sell your music ideas / business / products to a prospect investor, partner, or customer group? Join us on the “Enrich UR Pitch” workshop and learn what it means to pitch and how to do it successfully through theory and on the spot pitching exercises that will enhance your knowledge and experience.

Panel: Do you know your market audience? Content is king but targeting is a must

How do you balance between so many creative, copy-writing and marketing needs to promote and communicate your product (e.g. band, label or event)! How can you priorities and handle so many topics such as SEO, news, media relations, press releases…

Meet & Greet: Institute for Sound & Music (ISM)

The Institute for Sound & Music e.V . is a Berlin-based non-profit organization dedicated to building a permanent home showcasing the latest advancements in sound and immersive art, while celebrating also key milestones from the history of electronic music culture. ISM currently consists of a voluntary admin team of 8 along with an advisory board network of over 22 members from various different strands of the sound, music, cultural and technology sectors. Currently, the ISM is raising support and awareness for its ultimate goal of building a new and permanent home for a cutting-edge premiere museum experience in Berlin, through a series of three exhibitions.

Panel: Events Organizer FAQ(s)

The challenges promoters have to face are continually changing, not only due to the ever increasing choice for music consumers, but also to the evolution of the regulatory environment. What is the magic needed to make the good concept, keep it fresh, consistent and sustainable. Is it the line-up? Promotion? FnB? If you are involved in organizing an event then this is for you.

Workshop: Soft-skills pay the bills         

Why are soft-skills important? Which Soft skills do employers want? How can you increase your employability in a fast-paced, ever-adaptable work environment? This workshop aims to introduce participants to soft skills, with a focus on those that employers look for, in order to help them understand how they can strengthen their individual skills-set, as well as themselves as part of a working group, and create / maintain successful business relationships.

Panel: Should I stay or should i Go? Are you ready ?

what does it take to tour abroad? Is there a music genre more exportable than another? How can I choose the appropriate festivals, music conferences and showcases to start with?

Meet & Greet: Come Play with Me

Come Play With Me is a not-for-profit development organisation / record label based in Leeds, Northern England. We are best known for our 7” singles club – split 7” / digital single releases from cross-genre, mainly emerging artists, all designed with a consistent visual identity and distributed globally via Republic Of Music/Universal. One of our key objectives is to develop audiences for the artists we work with globally and this has recently included our first split release with an overseas label, Call & Response of Japan, and the launch of our new magazine ‘Come Play With.’

Panel: Events Organizer FAQ(s)

The challenges promoters have to face are continually changing, not only due to the ever increasing choice for music consumers, but also to the evolution of the regulatory environment. What is the magic needed to make the good concept, keep it fresh, consistent and sustainable. Is it the line-up? Promotion? F&B? If you are involved in organizing an event then this is for you.

Meet & Greet:  JUMP European Music Market Accelerator

JUMP provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models. It aims to help the music sector adapt to the recent transformations of the market, while encouraging it to work on a transnational level. For nine months, 10 to 20 participants coming from all over Europe will have the opportunity to develop their ideas and to benefit in parallel from an extensive training and a personalized tutorship. JUMP will offer three fellowships over its duration (2018-2022), each taking place respectively in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


To 1ο Athens Music Week πλαισιώνουν εξειδικευμένοι επαγγελματίες και καλλιτέχνες από την εγχώρια και διεθνή αγορά.

International participants:

Alessandra Di Caro (Managing Director BUTik) -ΙΤ // Andras Bozan Bodrogi (Certified Youtube Specialist, New Media Consultant)-HU // Attab Haddad (Oud Player – Composer) – UK //  Andrea Ciantar (Certified Competencies for Live event Professionals) – IT // Brendan Power (Project Manager Institute for Sound and Music) – DE // Celia Carillo Castillo (Chief Marketing Officer Ticketmaster Spain) – ES // Cindy Lecat (Communication Manager MAMA Festival & Convention) – FR // Deolinda Da Silva (EPRALIMA Vocational educational Training School) – PT // Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou (President European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education)- FR // Fabian Hansen (Managing Director WARM) – DK // Fabio Fila (President of STEA , MoB Doc Servizi) – IT // Gilad Atzmon (Musician – Composer) – UK // Gwendolenn Sharp (Founder Green Your Touring) – FR // Jeff Thompson (Founder & Director Un-Convention) – UK // Laura Gardes (Coordinator – Jump European Music Market Accelerator) – FR // Lina Ugrinovska (Password Productions, Manager Taksirat Mentoring) – NM // Login Kochishki (Owner Password Production – Taksirat Festival & Pin Conference) -NM // Malle Kaas (Founder Women in Live Music) – DK // Marton Naray (Director Czech Music Office & Nouvelle Prague Showcase) – CZ // Maxime Faget (Managing Partner Blockchain My Art) – FR // Nuno Santos (CEO Faniak A.I. Music Management) – PT // Peter Heath (Managing Director) – PLASA ORG – UK // Scott Lewis (Founder of Come Play With Me) – UK // Serhan Lokman (Co- Founder & Managing Partner Gulbaba Music) – TR

Greek Participants:

Nancy Aggelopoulou (Journalist – Radio Producer – Dj) // Christos Alexopoulos (Composer – Founder Puzzlemusik) // Marianna Aliberti  (Lawyer, MSc – LLM Intellectual Property) // Zisis Andriopoulos (Lawyer-Musician-DJ) // Nikolaos Vlachos (4 days in Aigina festival) // Alekos Vrettos (Oudist player – Composer) // Timoleon Veremis (Musician, Leon of Athens) // Dimitris Georgopoulos (Musician, Cyanna, Deaf Radio, Bombing the Avenue) // Serafim Giannakopoulos (Musician Planet of Zeus, Tfatfy) // Nikolaos Drogosis (Music Producer, En Lefko 87.7) // Kostas Ekelon (Musician, Music Producer, Sound engineer) // Zachari Konstantina (Business accelerator & EU projects manager at Innovathens Technopolis City of Athens) // Zefkilis Theodore (Music Producer SCA Studios) // Zouganelis Antonis (Artistic Director  – Technopolis Jazz Festival) // Kalatzis Stathis (Musician-DJ-Creative Director Red Bull Music Festivals) // Kremastas Christos (Lawyer-Musician) // Lilis Dimitris (Journalist -Radio Producer-Just Gazing Records) // Manesis Spyros (Musician – Composer) // Maroudas Stratos (Westside Festival, Patras) // Markouli Maria (Journalist – Writter) // Mirabitas John (Marketing & Sponsorship partner Fuzz Productions) // Bratanis George (Music Producer, Cayetano) // Orfanou Marilena (musician, S.W.IM.) // Palis Dimitris (Event manager, Booker) // Panagiotopoulos Panagiotis (Founder and Managing PerformAnts) // Plessas Antonis (Composer – Educator – writter) // Rouben Elli (Artistic Director – Promoter Artway-Technotropon) // Iro Siamanta (Managing Director Music Export Office Greece) // Irene Skylakaki (Singer songwriter) // Olga Stavropoulou (Founding Member & BOD | Knowl Social Enterprise, Founder & Managing Partner | Militos Consulting S.A.) // Melentini (Musician) // Natalie Tsirigoti (Head of Communications Athens Music Week) // Vassilis Haralambidis (Founder Bios – Romantso) // Darker Tommy (Musician – Teacher University of Westminster & Berklee College of Music), Perot Georges (Founder MESO Events – Curator Athens Music Week) // RSN (musician)

Final program and agenda including all events details, venues and showcase will be published next week!

Stay tuned for the latest info on our social media [email protected] / [email protected]



AMWs first international partners revealed



The “A.I.S.B.L. Fête Européenne de la Musique – I.N.P.O. European Music Day Association” – is an International non for profit organisation established in Brussels that aims to coordinate European organization producing or coordinating music day events.

It was created after the signature of the Budapest Charter that settled the common goals of the European organizers and coordinators representing the Ministries and the Departmental or Municipal authorities of the main European capitals that signed the common charter of the Fête Européenne de la Musique / European Music Day in 1995.

The Objectives of the European Music Day Association are to enhance artist creativity and mobility, to promote innovative methods supporting Vocational and Educational Training opportunities, in order to support the development of the European Music Sector


The International Sound Awards (ISA) promote innovative, smart and useful sound projects, products and services that contribute to the motto: Make The World Sound Better!

Sound and music play an eminent role in modern everyday life. With the increasing digitization, audio is experiencing an enormous boost. Noise and bad acoustics affect our health much more than we are aware of. More than ever we need to ask ourselves how we want to shape our acoustic environment.

The ISA connect and bring people from different industries together: Sound Designer, Musicians, Acousticians, Engineers, Creatives, Artists, Scientists, Product Developers, Innovators, Students, Music Industry, Start-Ups, Investors, Organizations, Practitioners, Advertising, Agencies, Branding Experts, Media, Journalists and further interested people. Being part of the Reeperbahn Festival, Europe’s largest club festival and B2B platform for the music and digital industry, the International Sound Awards offer industry professionals a programme that includes sessions, networking events, meetings, showcases, award shows and concerts with international up-and-coming artists.


Linecheck was born in 2015 and it’s a format inspired by international music platforms with the objective to unite the italian music industry and connect it to international markets.

In 2017, Linecheck has been the heartbeat of the first MILANO MUSIC WEEK, a widespread event promoted by the city of Milan, SIAE, Fimi with the biggest national music institution and private partners. An event created to involve a local vibrant music scene and to attract international audience, professionals and partners to Milan.


The gateway to the French Music Market: 3 days of concert and international meetings! With more than 6000 attending professionals, MaMA is the greatest French gathering of the music industry and one of the most important in the world.
By day, MaMA suggests a conference program featuring over 450 international speakers and 150 panels, keynotes, workshops, match-making sessions and cocktails for music industry actors.
In addition, a dedicated space to the integration of innovation in and for the music industry, also known as MaMA invent offers solutions for: Artist Factory, Live Music Factory and Label Factory. By night, with 150 concerts, MaMA transforms the Pigalle District into a giant urban
festival bringing together professionals and the Parisian public in 15 emblematic venues!

On October 16th, 17th and 18th 2019, MaMA Festival & Convention will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Paris.


MIL – Lisbon International Music Network is a festival and convention focused on spreading current music to new markets worldwide. Once again, Lisbon is the stage for this showcase festival which gathers dozens of industry agents from around the world.

As an exchange platform, MIL promotes an artistic program involving the city and combining discussions, masterclasses, meetings and concerts. Its main focus is introducing a diversity of Portuguese and international artists and projects linking the European, African and South American music markets all together.


Nouvelle Prague is a music conference and showcase festival held in Prague, Czech Republic, that besides focusing on providing a valuable conference and effective showcase also educates young professionals through workshops and other related activities. The event’s focus shifted throughout the years from a Czech and overseas showcase to a more regionally focused conference, plus a partly regional, partly overseas showcasing event. We are on a path to build a key event that are able to engage, and link both major international agencies, to the regional, and local music industry and pave the way for a blooming music sector Nouvelle Prague was founded and initiated by Rock for People Festival, one of the most remarkable annual Czech
summer festivals.

The event is a non-profit event, with the aim to link, educate, and facilitate cooperation between music professionals. The event closely cooperating with the stakeholders of the wider music sector, Pohoda festival, European Live Music Association, Eurosonic, Sziget Festival, Glastonbury, Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Since it started, Nouvelle Prague naturally shifted to be a more Czech- Slovkian music event than a local one, and we intend to continue that shift this year by focusing more on the Višegrad region.


Un-Convention is an innovative and highly acclaimed global music network, development agency and conference organiser. Through our events and projects, we bring together artists and practitioners to share knowledge and expertise. To date there have been 93 Un-Convention events around the world, involving thousands of musicians and speakers.

These events have taken place in a diverse range of contexts, from traditional music conferences in places such as São Paulo, Copenhagen, and Brisbane, to workshops in Nepal and Palestine. In addition, we have also collaborated with a number of other industry events, such as Primavera, Eurosonic and Radio 1 Academy to deliver workshops and panels. Un-Convention is based in Manchester, UK. Our events are delivered with the support of funders such as the Arts Council, PRS Foundation, The Musicians Union, Innovate UK, The British Council, and Local Government (and their international equivalents), as well as with sponsors, which to date have included the likes of Converse, Vodafone and Gibson.

A week long Music Marathon, to discover local talents, the music scene and the sound of Athens.

athens music week

Athens Music Week is a week long music marathon to celebrate cultural and creative diversity, a week when Music becomes the heartbeat of the city and Athens becomes the ambassador of the Greek music scene.

Athens Music Week’s (AMW) first edition will be a combination of surprising discoveries, connections and new friendships and at the same time, a gathering for the promotion of music talents and fresh ideas.

AMW was born on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the European Music Day that started in Athens in 1999, thanks to the cooperation of the NPO MESO Music Events with the Cultural, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) and in connection with the joint efforts for the promotion of Athens as an international destination for innovation in the music industry with the Technopolis City of Athens and the INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung.

Held under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, the Greek National Tourism Organisation, the Government of the Region of Attica, with the support of OPANDA, the Technopolis City of Athens, the Greek network of the European Music Day and the EYED Special service of Rights Management, and in collaboration with the European Music Day Association (Brussels), Linecheck Festival & Meeting (Milan), MamA Festival & Convention (Paris), Music International Lisboa (Lisbon), Nouvelle Prague Showcase Conference (Prague) and the UN Convention (Manchester), Athens Music Week 2019 edition settles the foundations for the first synergies of international appeal.

From June 17 until the 23rd, AMW connects educational activities, international meetings, networking events, lectures, music presentations, showcases and live music events through a common communication framework addressing to audiences, artists and professionals from Greece and abroad.

The event will include 4 separate sections with dozens of concerts, debates and exhibitions, entrance free or with a fee, for a whole week:

1. Music & the City:  Events includes a selection of round-tables, discussions, educational activities, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, live concerts and cultural activities that take place in the Greek capital from the 17th until the 23rd of June. Held in different venues, theaters, concert halls or cultural centers, Music & the City program objective is to promote Athens cultural & music scene and hidden treasures.

2.Αthens Music Walk: Addressing to music lovers, artists and music professionals from Greece and abroad, the Athens Music Walk includes a variety of recitals, acoustic /amplified concerts and live stages providing a multitude of entrance free events to discover local artists and music scene. Spanning from experimental electronica to pop and from jazz to contemporary classical, the showcase program steps on the European Music Day events to offer a multi-genre line-up of around 100 artists, bands and orchestras from Greece.

3. Athens Music Convention: As a showcase festival and a music meeting, the Music Convention focuses on bridging relations between local, national & international artists and music professionals. Held at the Technopolis City of Athens, one of the most dynamic cultural venues of the City, the 2 day events encompasses international panels, workshops, networking activities and b2b meetings together with vocational & educational training activities.

4. Music Innovation Hub: The part of the Music convention dedicated on the enhancement of innovative forms of development of artists, music entrepreneurs and service providers through coaching & mentoring sessions and international workshops. Ηeld at the INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung and organized in collaboration with JUMP, the first European Music Market Accelerator, the events connects music with other sectors of CCI such as new media, gaming and technology.


For its first edition, Athens Music Week’s main goal is to promote Music as a tool for local development and drive innovation between stakeholders of the CCIs, entertainment and the music industry, in order to foster curiosity, boost creativity, entrepreneurship and social cohesion!

AMWs is planned as a multifaceted music experience event. With its 4 complementary pillars –  Music & the City, Music Convention, Athens Music Walk, Music Innovation Hub – overall event is designed to motivate the broader public, to widen the music boundaries of music lovers and to enhance the creative process and the sustainable development of creative artists, musicians and professionals of the music sector.

As a whole, the AMWs program aims to enhance music practice and promote the music scene of Athens through happenings and activities encompassing discussions with artists, presentations of music projects, special events, music showcases, festivals and many concerts.

Promoting knowledge exchange, common experimentation and intercultural sharing, AMW aims to develop bridges between different countries professionals and to connect educational & vocational training needs of music professionals & grass root talents, in order to meet current market needs and future challenges.

Stepping on music’s unifying character and Athens geographical place and historical background, AMW envisions to connect Eastern & Western European music markets with those of the Middle East and beyond!

Besides, Athenians are bound to music, art and culture for more than three thousand years and today, Athens is the place where the highest number of Greek artists, musicians and professional of the music production chain are located.

For the latest news, please visit our [email protected]

Jump presents the 10 Innovative projects 2019!

JUMP European Music Market Accelerator

The JUMP TEAM is now complete: find out more about the fellows and their tutors! #JUMPFAM

After a careful screening of all applications received, the selection committee composed of all JUMP board members has selected the most promising ideas to be developed together with renowned tutors for this 2019 fellowship.

For nine months, the 10 fellows coming from 7 countries and representing 9 nationalities will develop their innovative ideas, while receiving a comprehensive 360° training. In addition to attending all the festivals and conventions of the partnership, each fellow will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions from the most renowned music professionals coming from all over Europe.

The 10 selected projects cover a great variety of urgent needs faced within the music sector. They will:

help fostering social change with projects focusing on diversity in the industry, mental health, and environmental sustainability,
enhance technological development with projects tackling fair renumeration, transparency mechanism, data collection and AI,
build bridges between different key actors of the ecosystem with projects increasing the mobility of professionals and promoting the diversity of repertoire.

”JUMP is all about finding solutions for the music industry to adapt to the latest transformations of the sector and we believe the development of these 10 projects will have a very positive impact on the industry: we are looking forward to supporting the fellows in the coming nine months!”

– Fernando Ladeiro-Marques, Project Leader

2019 Fellowship:

Lina Ugrinovska, TAKSIRAT Mentoring, mental health
Gwendolenn Sharp, Green Your Touring, enviromental sustainability
Malle Kaas, Women in Live Music, diversity
Fabian Hansen, WARM, data gathering / transparency
Nuno Santos, Faniak, artificial intelligence
Maxime Faget, Blockchain my art, fair remuneration / accountability
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, PerformAnts, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Scott Lewis, Come Play With Me, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Brendan Power, Institute for Sound & Music, mobility / promotion of repertoire
Alessandra Di Caro, BUTìK, music tourism

Find out more about our great fellows: https://www.jumpmusic.eu/fellows/

2019 Tutors:

András Bozan Bodrogi, Certified Youtube Specialist / New Media Consultant
Lucie Caswell, CEO at the Featured Artists Coalition
Celia Carillo Castillo, Vice President of Global Marketing – EMI Music
Katerina Gnafaki, Cultural Manager and Sound Art Curator
Marcio Laranjeira, Director of Lovers and Lollypops
Phil Nelson, Artist manager / Founder of The Great Escape
Magnus Källskog, Head of A&R Cosmos Music
Marc Ridet, Director at Swiss Music Export / Founder of La Dolce Vita
Andrew Rhodes, Artist manager
Fruzsina Szep, Festival Director, Lollapalooza Berlin & Board Member of Yourope

Find out more about our great tutors: https://www.jumpmusic.eu/tutors/