Adamantios Kafetzis (GR)

Owner, Teranga Beat

Visual Artist, DJ and owner of Teranga Beat label created in Dakar in 2010. Using his perspective as a (visual) artist Adamantios endeavors to provide high quality packaging alongside informative liner notes. From creating attractively constructed LP and CD housing to information on artists including histories, photographs and interview material. Until now the label released 12 albums, including groups and artists from Senegal, Gambia, Ethiopia and Greece. His latest project “Ormenion” presented by the group Evritiki Zygia who are going to perform live on Athens Music Week.

Nationality: Greece
Company: Teranga Beat


Thu 18
16:30 - 17:15

What’s the sound of summer 2020? What does the future hold for independent labels, music venues, and music productions in Greece?

Music Conference
From the absolute void of the past three months to the current public health restrictions and the multiple financial ...