Alessandro Ottenga (IT)

Director, ago Ltd

He is the director of ago Ltd, a company providing integrated consulting services with a specific expertise in project management, Euro planning, fundraising and technical assistance in the administrative, financial and legislative fields. Since 2008, he has designed, organized and coordinated cultural projects and events focusing on visual arts (i.e. photography, video and cinema), becoming a senior expert in cultural management (project design, project direction, production and production supervision, audience development and engagement process, monitoring and evaluation process, etc.).
Moreover, he is an innovation manager, planning, setting up and developing strategies to foster valorization of the CCI and starting up co-creation processes and social innovation projects. Since 2010, he has been teaching “Cultural Project Management” in schools and training programs focusing on photography and visual design.

Nationality: Italy
Company: ago Ltd


Fri 19
18:30 - 18:35

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