Ann-Sophie Dewaele (BE)

Communication Strategist, Consouling Sounds

Ann-Sophie Dewaele has been creating stories since the moment she could talk. When she was 10 she wanted to write books, at age 18 she wanted to write movies. Now, she has a degree in Digital Arts and Entertainment and is finishing a degree in screenwriting. Since she graduated, she has worked on all kinds of 3D-projects (games, movies, shows, architectural visualization…). In her spare time, she plays music and volunteers for Girls go BOOM, a concert organization that aims to get more women on stage in alternative music. At the moment she is combining that love for music, storytelling and new technologies by freelancing as a Cross-Platform Communication Strategist for Consouling Sounds.

Nationality: Belgium
Company: Consouling Sounds


Fri 19
18:30 - 18:35

Deep Listening

Music Conference
Meet & Greet
Deep Listening can refer to the legacy of Pauline Oliveros, a leading lady in experimental music, and to a practice i...