Corinne Sadki (FR)

Le Bureau Export, Communication and Digital Development

Masterʼs-degreed and seasoned marketing and communication manager with strong experience in the music industry, Corinne Sadki has been working in major record companies (EMI, BMG, Sony Music) developing marketing and communication strategies. In 2016, she joined the French music export οffice, enhancing her knowledge of the French music sector with new issues of international development. She also got engaged in European music matters as president of EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange); she sustains international development of the European music as a key issue of international policy.

Nationality: France
Company: Le Bureau Export


Tue 16
18:55 - 19:50

Divided we fall? Not always! Focus on the initiatives of European networks supporting artists & music professionals!

Music Conference
The music sector as a whole is and will continue to be suffering from the pandemic. Music practice, live events, venu...