Danny de Vlugt (NL)

Label owner, Absent Chronicles

I’m an audiovisual artist and label/collective owner from The Netherlands. After having played in Orchestras as a trumpet player for years I switched to electronic music and started performing and releasing music under different names. As visual elements became a bigger part of my endeavors I changed my alias to Absent Chronicles in the summer of 2019. My work has been exhibited in various galleries and events since. Nowadays I’m mainly focusing on doing audiovisual performances and exhibitions, combining my electronic music experience with trumpet playing and creating visual art, in order to create immersive experiences. Besides being an artist, I’m often involved with cross-platform media and music projects, working with- and freelancing for various small organisations/companies and collectives.

Nationality: Netherlands
Company: Absent Chronicles


Sat 20
18:30 - 18:35


Music Conference
Meet & Greet
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