Didier Gosset (BE)

Network & Communication, IMPALA

Didier is the Network & Communication Director of IMPALA, the European association of independent record labels, based in Brussels. IMPALAʼs mission is to grow the independent music sector, return more value to artists, promote cultural diversity and entrepreneurship, and modernize perceptions of the music sector. An avid fan of music, Didier also runs Black Basset Records – a record label born out of the desire to put a spotlight on aesthetics with no media attention – and is a board member of the Rockerill concert venue in his hometown of Charleroi.

Nationality: Belgium
Company: IMPALA - Independent


Tue 16
18:55 - 19:50

Divided we fall? Not always! Focus on the initiatives of European networks supporting artists & music professionals!

Music Conference
The music sector as a whole is and will continue to be suffering from the pandemic. Music practice, live events, venu...