Dr Vasileios Laopodis (GR)

Founder and President of Culturepolis

Dr. Vasileios Laopodis, studied Physics in Athens, and Business Administration and Informatics in Toulouse, France (PhD). He worked in the private sector (IBM, FIAT, banking etc.), taught at universities and Technological Institutions,and gave numerous lectures around the world. He worked for 18 years at the European Commission (1988-2006) on policy initiatives and projects related to RTD&I/New Tech, Standardization, Information Society, and the social and cultural impact. He was founding member of many professional and societal organizations and is the author of many articles/scientific papers / books. In 2006, he founded CulturePolis non profit organization {culturepolis.org) in Corfu promoted projects and European initiatives in the fields of culture with emphasis on SE Europe and the Mediterranean.


Tue 18
17:00 - 18:30

How can we strengthen Music professionals and Music sector structural needs?

Music innovation Hub
As many other EU countries, Greek Music sector has structural problems. Lack of data, lack of trade unions and associ...