Fabian Hansen (DK)

Co-Founder WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor)

Danish man currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am the communications manager at WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), a Danish tech startup that helps artists, labels, managers, booking agents and PR companies track their radio airplay on a global scale. I have a diverse background in the music industry which includes work at record labels, in management, hosting radio shows and podcasts, DJ’ing and music journalism


Thu 20
18:10 - 18:25

Meet and Greet with “WARM” aka World AirPLay Radio Monitor

Music and the City
WARM is the first large-scale radio monitoring service focused on individuals in the music industry. It has the world...
Thu 20
15:00 - 16:00

From Vinyl to CD, from myspace to Youtube and from Spotify to Vinyl?

Athens Music Convention
What is the current role of a record label? How do labels help artists and what are some examples of best practice fo...