Fabio Fila (IT)

President of STEA , Member of the Board Doc Servizi

My career path has been nothing short of amazing. I started as a musician playing drums and bass like most teenagers do. FUN! In 1997 I went from behind the glass to in front of the glass when I became a video and audio technician. This is when my show business life really began. From there I moved on to being a live entertainment production manager which allowed me to learn organisational skills in an entertainment environment. All of these moments and work paths joined together and gave my the possibility to start work with the largest Italian entertainment co-op known as DOC SERVIZI in 2007. I am now head of health and safety office “Doc Crew”. From there I oversee 2,500 employees regarding light design, sound engineering, rigging, scaffolding and production managers etc…
In 2018 I founded STEA (Safety Theatre Entertainment Art), an innovative start up. Our aim is to create the first Italian network formed by safety & security experts for the entertainment industry.


Tue 18
17:00 - 18:30

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Wed 19
10:30 - 11:30

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