George Myzalis (GR)


Musicologist (PhD), Journalist, YouTuber, Lyricist, Radio Producer who over the last years became Marketing & Communications manager. Author of the book “Protest Songs in Greece (1974 – 2002)”, ed. Fagottobooks. Ever since he remembers himself he is involved in music. From all his titles he prefers the “listener” one. He is also a long – distance runner who is still trying to understand if he is running to listen to the music or if he is listening to the music to run the distance.

Nationality: Greece
Company: Θα πεις κι ένα τραγούδι;


Thu 18
18:55 - 19:45

What about innovation in music? Is it a question of mindset, of tools? Both?

Music Conference
Artists and music professionals usually believe that words such as Incubation or Innovation do not concern them! Is ...