George Stavroulakis (GR)

Co-founder of Nessos, musician, engineer, producer, researcher

George Stavroulakis is one of the “usual suspects” since the early 00s for music and video/audio matters, wearing various hats. Wearing his musician hat, he is an award-winning, recording and performing jazz artist with presence in Greece and abroad in various festivals and TV shows, having shared the bandstand and studio reel with renowned local and international jazz artists. Wearing his sound engineer/producer hat, he has been involved in recording, mixing and mastering of a multitude of national ensembles, ranging from jazz and ethnic to rock and neo-soul. Wearing his scientist hat, he is a senior researcher at the NTUA on matters of high performance computing and wearing his entrepreneur hat, he is CTO and head of R&D of Nessos Informatics. Under both these latter identities, he has designed and participated on various projects and solutions related to music technology and multimedia with implementations related to the national TV and radio network. Nowadays, he splits his time between performing with his ensembles (Triplicity, Parity, Atavachron3), being a sideman (Mica Eio, Aris Papadopoulos) and developing innovative solutions in music technology, computational mechanics and ICT.


Wed 19
16:15 - 16:30

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Music and the City
Nessos is your partner in crime when it comes to ambitious projects requiring intricate technology and scaling. Nesso...