Katia Giampaolo (IT)

Co-Director Estragon / JoyCut Manager

Katia Giampaolo proudly manages ETEP top 5 artist JoyCut, who have toured extensively across North America, Europe and Asia. At Estragon, Katia (Co-Director) is part of the team running Bolognaʼs famous Estragon Club with shows from Paul Weller, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and others. Estragon is the Italian arm of the Europavox. Katia is Chair of MMF Italy, part of IMMF, association of self-managed artists and managers from more than 50 countries across six continents. She is also jury member of Music Moves Europe Talent Awards, the new European Union Prize for popular music.

Nationality: Italy
Company: Estragon


Wed 17
16:30 - 17:20

Audience restrictions, travel ban: what options do artists, musicians and bands have to present their music?

Music Conference
Even in the pre-covid era, it was a challenge for grass root talents and artists to reach new audiences and make a li...