Konstantinos Dedes (GR)

Chairman, Technopolis City of Athens

Konstantinos Dedes was born in Kapandriti and lives permanently in Thissio, Athens. He studied Dental Surgery and has been practicing dentistry since 2002. He started out by opening a private practice in Oropos and went on by setting up the Golden Smile Dental Care Clinic in Kifisia a few years ago! As an active member of the Athens Dental Association, he has participated in numerous seminars and conferences on various dental specialties. He is a huge lover of art and travelling and enjoys life in the city center! Thanks to his devotion to the profession, he saw his popularity rise quickly and he managed to build a reputation as the dentist to the stars. He was the man behind the smile makeovers on the Yfsf show on ANT1 TV, while the past few seasons he has been the dental expert on “Proino” television program, participating in the segment of aesthetic improvements. As to what motivated him to get involved in public life, he says: “I’m sick and tired of hearing ‘This is impossible’”!

Nationality: Greece
Company: Technopolis City of Athens


Fri 19
17:45 - 18:30

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