Markos Fragos (GR)

Documentation Department EYED, Music Journalist and Reviewer

Markos Fragos was born in Athens, in 1966 and studied at the Economic University of Athens but he loved Solonos street (where the university is based) more for its bookstores and the Press points rather than anything else. He worked since 1986 as an editor, reviewer and writer and as a chief editor since 1993 in the music magazine Pop & Rock and later in Sonik, as a music writer in Vogue magazine, in the Cinema magazine and the Symbol supplement magazine of the newspaper Investor (Ependytis) as well as a free lancer in Lifo and Epsilon (Eleftherotypia’s supplement). In 1999 he joined Warner Music Greece at the strategic marketing department and then he moved at EMI as a promo press manager, for the international music department and at Odeon as chief manager at the Press Office. Then he moved to the music publishing working for the independent company D-Version. He has directed courses of creative writing and pop music culture for twenty years at various institutions (Small Polytechnic, H.A.N. Music Society WebRadio, SAE etc.) He has translated in greek Gary Herman’s “Rock Babylon” (Livanis Publications) and has published a Music Calendar (Haramada publications).


Thu 20
18:00 - 19:30

21ος Αιώνας – Ευκαιρίες και προκλήσεις για τον καλλιτέχνη – δημιουργό [GR]

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Όπως σε κάθε κομβική μετάβαση έτσι και σε αυτή που στο κατώφλι του εικοστού πρώτου αιώ...