Michał Wójcik (PL)

CEO/Founder, Cracow Music Scene

A CEO/one of the founders of Cracow Music Scene – an organization integrating and promoting Cracow-based bands, venues, fans. Over the course of 7 years, they organized concerts, international exchanges, workshops, meetings, released albums, videos, ran a website and a university program. Tak Brzmi Miasto – a conference and showcase festival for the young music industry – remains its main project, extended in 2019 with Tak Brzmi Miasto Incubator, an incubator project held in 5 Polish cities. Michal is also a lead singer/guitarist for the band Cinemon.

Nationality: Poland
Company: Cracow Music Scene, Tak Brzmi Miasto


Thu 18
18:55 - 19:45

What about innovation in music? Is it a question of mindset, of tools? Both?

Music Conference
Artists and music professionals usually believe that words such as Incubation or Innovation do not concern them! Is ...