Nick Barpakis (GR)

Event producer, concept developer

Nick ‘Espeekay’ Barpakis is a rare case of a cultural entrepreneur. Born in Athens and active at the Greek capital after the turn of the millenium, he has paved through promoting cultural events, creating collectives that focus οn urban arts and tourism, as well as rocking soundsystems as a Dj selector. His clear vision meets relentless will to collaborate and connect in unconventional ways. Various projects he is an integral part of, such as European Music Day 21st June over the past 13 years, or other festivals he has been a part of since their inception, highlight on public space interaction and accessibility, so that most can attend. Now a freelance promoter (Djangofest Greece, Volume showcase festival, Demo Crates and others), co-owner of live club Lab Art ( and member of numerous active networks, he plans innovative concepts that maximize expression and inclusion through simple participatory principles. Bridging meaningful aspects of art & business alike, he envisions a sound future in Greece, one beat at a time..


Tue 18
17:00 - 18:30

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Music innovation Hub
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