Nikolaos Stefanidis (GR)

Founder, Principal Club Theatre

Organizer of music and cultural producers, entrepreneur of concert and tourism businesses.
He founded and managed, Mylos SA, Thalattacamp SA, Principal Ltd., Panhellenic Restaurant,, The Live Club Pararmala, Orient, Gaialive – the fanzein magazine – Radio888miso. He organized the Gaia Festival (1998-2008), one of the first major festivals in Greece, the River Party 1995-1996 co-organizer with the Ministry of Culture for the Millennium 2000 in Athens, and the WOMEX 2012 Thessaloniki world music exhibition with HELEXPO

Nationality: Greece
Company: Principal Club Theatre


Thu 18
16:30 - 17:15

What’s the sound of summer 2020? What does the future hold for independent labels, music venues, and music productions in Greece?

Music Conference
From the absolute void of the past three months to the current public health restrictions and the multiple financial ...