Producer, Dj, Musician

RSN is a producer, Dj and musician. He started his career at a young age having influences from the golden age of hip hop but also jazz/hip hop. In June 2018 he released his 4th album ”Strange Eyes” with the German label Agogo Records. From 2009 until today, RSN collaborates as a Dj with the acclaimed english band Belleruche, famous in the world turntable soul scene, making a lot of perfomances in Greece. He is also touring accross Europe next to artists such as The Wailers, Charles Bradley, Kid Loco, Zaz, Waldece and he has played as opening act before Alpha Blondy, Dj Kruch, Wax Tailor, Parov Stellar and other. He has written music for radio spots, movies and documentaries and has also produced albums for other artists.


Thu 20
19:00 - 21:00

Εξάγοντας τη μουσική σου | Γίνε εξαγώγιμο “προϊόν” [GR]

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