Sabina Barcucci (IT)

Product Innovation Manager,

Eclectic freelance techno-feminist, I currently work as a product innovation manager in the cultural industry, for scientific, radio and music organisations. With a professional background in Architecture, I directed fabrication laboratories of DIY tech inside scientific and creative organisations (MUSE Science Museum, dotdotdot creative lab) covering the role of innovator and focusing on bottom-up innovation in tech. I research on democratising media technologies and emerging online grassroots communities of Radio Makers (with, IT – DE) and Science Makers (with Festivalscienza).

Nationality: Italy


Wed 17
19:10 - 19:55

NextStageChallenge or how a European Music Industry Hackathon was launched during lockdown!

Music Conference
39 countries, 75 top industry professionals & more than 500 applicants came together to find innovative, quick & last...