Theodore Zefkilis (GR)

Sound Engineer, Music Producer (SCA Studio), Educator

Theodore Zefkilis has been working as a music producer and sound engineer in the field of the alternative music scene for more than 20 years. After completing his studies at the Mathematical Department of the University of Thessaloniki he continued with a postgraduate degree at City University of London in the specialty of Musical Information Technology.
In 2002 he founded SCA studios with Aris Christou and has since collaborated with several alternative music artists, producing albums for bands such as Planet of Zeus, Tango with Lions, Marietta Fafouti, Yellow Devil Sauce, Dimitris Maramis and others.
He likes to play music, but in no way does he consider himself a musician.
He recently released his first personal album titled Bourgeois Boheme – Do you like your outfit?
He teaches at SAE Creative Media College passing on his knowledge and experience to his students.
If he doesn’t answer the phone he will surely be in the studio. Paraphrasing the legendary statement of the best Greek basketball player Nick Galis , Theodore Zefkilis says ‘’The best mix is the next one’’.


Wed 19
18:30 - 20:30

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