Vladimir Vodalov (RS)

Festival Consultant, EXIT

Vladimir is a Festival Consultant from Novi Sad, Serbia, with a long history of working in the festival industry. 10 years as a CEO of AAA Production, an event, booking and promotion company. 20 years of EXIT. Vladimir is a part of the EXIT team since the year 2000. He was a member of the Exit program production team.

Involved in the most prestigious shows and festivals in the Balkan region, such as RHCP, Madonna, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Manu Chao, EXIT Festival, Warriors Dance Festival, Sea Dance Festival and Revolution Festival. He has also worked on cultural cooperation projects like CEETEP or MiM.

Nationality: Serbia
Company: EXIT Foundation


Wed 17
17:45 - 18:40

Streaming events & festivals is a “forced” trend, but what about the “physical music experience”? What can we expect from here on?

Music Conference
Event organizers and festival promoters are dealing with complex issues in order to manage and offer a live experienc...