Zisis Andriopoulos (GR)

Lawyer, Musician, DJ

What luck to have been able to serve the music industry for the past 15 years from both the positions of creator/performer and legal support at the same time.
As a musician (Lip Forensics, Zebra Tracks, S.W.I.M., Berlin Brides) I have learnt plenty by dealing with every step of the production process: starting from the creation and release of an album to band management and handling bookings.
The experiences I cherish are my participations in the majority of the Greek festivals and venues, as well as the extraordinary participations at the international SXSW and EXIT festivals. As a lawyer I have provided legal support to many recording artists (Vassilikos, RSN, S.W.I.M. and more) as well as to record labels (SIX D.O.G.S. records, Amour records), venues and music festivals (ADD festival).
The above versatile experiences have given me the chance to comprehend deeper the needs of the music industry from a holistic point of view.


Wed 19
16:30 - 17:30

The other side of Artists. Let’s hear the musicians “stories”!

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